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Life in The Florida Keys During The 1970s

By , Flashbak

Flip Schulke (June 24, 1930, Cornish, New Hampshire; died: May 15, 2008, West Palm Beach, Florida) documented everyday life in the Florida Keys during the 1970s for the US Documerica Project (1971-1977) . A teacher at the University of Missouri’s Columbia School of Journalism, Schulke was aided in his mission by several students.

Bicycle Club of the Century Village Retirement Community Meets Each Morning.

Bicycle Club of the Century Village Retirement Community Meets Each Morning. Photo by Flip Schulke

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Chicago ’73 – Forty Incredible Photographs by John H. White

By Rob Baker, Flashbak
South Side ghetto

Chicago ghetto on the South Side

In 1973, the photographer John H. White, who went on to win a Pulitzer Prize for Photojournalism in 1982, was asked by the Environmental Protection Agency’s DOCUMERICA project to photograph Chicago – especially the city’s African-American community. White would later say that he saw it as “an opportunity to capture a slice of life, to capture history.” White went on to be a photographer for the Chicago Sun Times in 1978 and continued there until 2013 when the newspaper laid off its entire photojournalism department.

In White’s own words these amazing photographs catch the “spirit, love, zeal, pride and hopes” of the African-American community of Chicago.


Black neighbors outside on Chicago’s West Side. They are part of the nearly 1.2 million people of their race who make up more than one third of Chicago’s population. June, 1973

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