Afternoon in Sedona

Arizona’s Apache Trail

After visiting the Superstition Mountain Museum, my cousin and I headed further up the winding Highway 88 to the Canyon Lake Vista in Tonto National Forest. These are some shots of the lake itself,  as well as some scenery along the way. The sun was in a perfect position to enhance these rocky textures. I hope you enjoy them.

Superstition Mountain Museum

Nestled at the foot of Superstition Mountain about four miles northeast of Apache Junction is a goldmine (pun may or may not be intended) for fans of the old western films of yesteryear. Not only is the Superstition Mountain Museum a spot for movie memorabilia, but its creators at the Superstition Mountain Historical Society strive to  preserve the legends of the region through its artifacts and folklore. My cousin and I took a little tour of the 12-acre site back in October of 2016 to photograph some of what’s there. More information on the museum can be found on the Society’s website. Enjoy!