Marilyn Monroe photos by Milton H. Greene and Douglas Kirkland featured in London exhibit

The Little Black Gallery in London is presenting Gentlemen Prefer Blondes starring Marilyn Monroe by Milton H. Green & Douglas Kirkland today through February 27.

Milton H. Green, 1954

Milton H. Green, 1954

Milton H. Greene was a well-known fashion photographer in the 1940s before turning his lens toward celebrities. It was a fateful session with Marilyn Monroe in 1953, however, that he shifted his focus to motion picture production and set up Marilyn Monroe Productions. Greene and Monroe worked together on 53 photo shoots, one of which in 1954 yielded the image above, deemed one of the three most popular images of the 20th century by Time-Life. Greene died in 1985.

Douglas Kirkland, 1961

Douglas Kirkland, 1961

Douglas Kirkland was a photographer for Look magazine in 1961 when he shot a sensual bedroom series of Monroe. He has since built an astonishing career photographing countless celebrities and stills for more than 150 movies, including the familiar image of John Travolta pointing skyward on a dance floor from Saturday Night Fever. He lives in Hollywood Hill, California.

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